Thursday, May 14, 2009

Color Me Dazzled!

I went to dinner with a friend on Friday night. Of course, I noticed her brand new super cute shoes! She quickly asked me if I had heard of Was I late? Was there a shoe site that I didn't know about? is Kim Kardashian's site. The site offers a monthly shoe subscription where you get shoes picked out for you by a personal shopper. For $39.99 a month, you select one of 5 pairs of shoes chosen specifically for you. Once you've chosen, they mail them to you, with no additional shipping or handling charges. Its a FANTASTIC idea. Every month you look forward to a new pair of shoes! You know I went straight home and signed up - recession be damned.

My 5 choices this month:

Cute, huh?!?!?! The cool thing is that if you don't like any of your choices, you can ask that they re-shop for you and give you all new choices. And if you try the shoes on and don't like them, you can send them back and exchange them for another pair without consequence. I could just kiss Kim Kardashian! Now, which shoes should I choose...


Tree Candy said...

While the spikey stiletto will always be my favorite. I am going to pick the one in the middle. Summer is coming and you need a neutral tone shoe to go with different outfits.

springcart said...

I blogged this not that long ago because I thought this was a super FABULOUS idea. I think its great too that if all of your choices suck for the month then you dont have to purchase.