Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hi Tech Heels?

A hi-heel that collapses into a flat or a pump? Apparently this phenomenon has many women excited, including Tyra Banks, who did a spot on them on her show.

While this is an ingenious idea, the shoes are not quite cute yet. And for many, the cost may be prohibitive. There are a couple of lines available now by different companies, one of which is an insurance company that wants women to drive in safer shoes. (I admit, I take off my super cutes when I drive, especially because I drive a stick and the heel tends to get stuck under the clutch.) Check them out: Prices range from $260 -$330.
This is the before and after for one of the shoes.

These shoes are made by Camileon Heels, and they currently have about 16 styles available. I thought these were the cutest:

The driving shoe is made by Sheila's Wheels. The heels collapse all the way down to a flat. The shoes were made by a British Insurance company and are currently only available on line.

So what do you think? Would you wear the collapsible heel?

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Anonymous said...

Something about kitten heels turn me off. And I am not feeling this convertible