Thursday, September 11, 2008

So Cute, They're MADDENing!!!!

The weather is starting to change a little, the sun is going down earlier... And boot season is quickly approaching!!!! I heart boots in a major way. At, you can pre-order your boots, the short booties, and the way too cute boots with an open or peek-a-boo toe. So many boots, so little time...

For a clean & classy look, the Zestie Brown Paris...

Or the Tribune in Grey Leather (definitely News-worthy!!!)

If you prefer a shorter boot, the Limber in Taupe.

The Nakitaa in Black lives up to its namesake.

Now this I love! The Entrap in Brown Leather.
This boot is a lot of fun.

If you are an open-toe gal such as myself,
maybe this will offer the best of both worlds:
The Bomberr in Cognac. Intoxicating!

Speaking of best of both worlds -
The Slasshh in Black.
I know you LOVE that heel!

But I am saving my favorites for last!!!!
Be still my beating heart!
The Triumph in Black...

And in Taupe...
I don't think I can help myself! More beauties at

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